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Change lives with us.

There's more than one way to help build a more inclusive community and expand opportunities for Louisvillians with disabilities. How will you get engaged?  



Get to know someone we support.

38% of Kentuckians with disabilities on Medicaid waivers say the only relationships they have are with staff or family members. Having people who enjoy our company, appreciate our contributions, and “have our backs” makes life good for all of us. We support a lot of people who would benefit from a personal, non-paid relationship with you—someone to see movies with, knit and craft together, enjoy fish fries during Lent, or have over for dinner. We can help match you with someone we support based on shared interests! 

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Help build community connections.

Only 7% of Kentuckians with disabilities on Medicaid waivers are members of a community group. This shows us that while people with disabilities may have the opportunity to run errands or eat at out at restaurants, they often do not have real opportunities to authentically engage with their non-disabled peers in community settings. We are looking for social networkers who are interested in welcoming someone with a disability into their community circles. You could invite someone to join your book club, church, theater troupe, volunteer group, or other organized social gathering. Communities are better when everyone is included! 

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Help someone find a quality job.

85% of Kentuckians with disabilities on Medicaid waivers are unemployed. Having paid, meaningful work is important for many reasons. It provides income, a way to connect with others, and a sense of purpose and self-sufficiency.


Are you an employer or have connections with an area business? Help expand opportunities for meaningful employment today!

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Become a landlord.

The housing market in Louisville is currently experiencing a shortage crisis. This crisis adversely affects people with disabilities to a greater degree than their peers. Only 5% of people on Medicaid waivers are named on the lease or deed where they live. We are looking for social entrepreneurs who want to make accessible, affordable housing available in Louisville’s neighborhoods by becoming a Section 8 landlord. We can help find and support excellent tenants for you! 

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Become a housemate.

Only 8% of people with disabilities on Medicaid waivers in Kentucky live in their own home or apartment. We firmly believe there should be a distinct separation between housing and supports. Your home should be a place where you have control over where you live, who you live with, and who is coming and going. One way we can help facilitate situations where those we support are able to safely live in home's of their own is by assisting them to find a housemate. Every living arrangement is different but in most cases, a housemate will receive free or reduced rent in exchange for being home at predetermined times (usually overnight) during the week. Living with someone we support is a great way to not only help someone experience the independence of living in a home of their own, it's also a great way to save money!

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Become a guardian.

In Kentucky, 1 in 4 people with disabilities on Medicaid waivers have a state-issued guardian. That’s over 2.5 times the national average! State guardians operate under highly restrictive policies due to these high caseloads. The system understands the negative impact of state guardianship and legally prioritizes private guardianship. We are looking for responsible citizens to develop a relationship with, show an interest in, and defend the rights and autonomy of a person we support. 

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Connect us with new DSPs.

Know someone who'd make a great DSP? Introduce us! We're always looking to hire innovative, social justice-minded folks. That person might even be you!

At Mattingly Edge, we want to make lives better—for the people our organization supports and our employees. That’s why we offer our employees competitive pay, opportunities to grow professionally, and flexible schedules that work for them. 

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Become a donor. Help us grow!

Join Mattingly Edge's 365 Campaign: It's easy! With our user-friendly donation platform Kindful, you can set up automatic monthly donations of $10 or more.

Sign up for Kroger's Community Rewards Program: When you link your Kroger card to Mattingly Edge, every transaction you make will be applied to the program. Based on these purchases, Kroger will make an annual donation to Mattingly Edge.

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Volunteer at our events.

We host several fun events throughout the year. We would love for you to help us curate a memorable experience for our donors and supporters! 

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Join our board or a committee.

We are always looking for resourceful people who want to highly and positively impact our organization! No stuffy board meetings or committee meetings here! We enjoy each other’s company while gathering to make important decisions about the future of our innovative organization. We encourage out-of-the-box thinkers, trailblazers, and pioneers to apply! We are especially interested in diversifying the makeup of our board and committees. 

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Amplify our message.

Follow us on social media. Like and share our posts! Help us reach as many people as possible. The wider our audience, the greater our impact. 


Stay in the loop.

Sign up to join our mailing list (we promise not to spam you)! Learn about what's happening in the lives of the people we support. Stay apprised of events and advocacy opportunities.

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