Your donation helps pay for Robin’s home expenses until he gets his Section 8 Voucher in the Spring. Will you help us bring Robin home? 

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When Robin began his relationship with Mattingly Edge, his main goal was to get out into his community, meet new friends and make himself known—things many people took for granted before the pandemic. Over the years, Mattingly Edge has helped Robin build a strong presence in his community, where he’s forged friendships with people in his neighborhood and at church. 


But this year, due to changing regulations, Robin was forced to make a difficult decision—continue living in the group home where he's lived for twenty years and give up services from Mattingly Edge, which would sever the community connections he’s worked so hard to build—or move.


The choice, however, was a clear one. What is a place to live if you have no life to live? When the pandemic is over, he wants to be able to fully return to the people and places that enrich his life. So Robin made a bold decision: He decided to move into a home of his own.


Robin, with the help of his sisters, found an accessible condo in the neighborhood, close to his church and his friends. They put in an offer and it was accepted!


Now the only thing standing between Robin and his new home is $1,291 per month. Robin must move NOW in order to keep his essential support services and cannot wait until Spring for his Section 8 voucher. Once his voucher arrives, he will no longer need rent assistance.


Will you help Robin cover these costs until he gets his voucher?

Will you help us help bring Robin home?


*Funds raised in excess of the $1,291 per month will be used to pay next month’s rent and/or help with utilities. If there are excess funds after Robin receives his Section 8 voucher, they will be donated to the Mattingly Edge general fund, where they will be used to support other people with disabilities.

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A donation to our general fund helps provide the good things in life many take for granted, things like access to good jobs, a home of one's own, meaningful relationships with friends and family and so much more.


To set up recurring donations, contact:

Steven Michael Carr

(502) 451-6200 ext. 1002


Make checks out to Mattingly Edge

C/O Steven Michael Carr

1930 Bishop Lane #1001

Louisville, KY 40218



Steps other similar organizations take, albeit markedly different than Mattingly Edge.

Steps Mattingly Edge takes that makes us unique among similar organizations in KY

Steps that Medicaid will fund. We rely on organizations, businesses, and individual donors to provide financial support to all other steps.

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