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Have you thought about life after high school?

Let us help you imagine & prepare for what comes next!

The future is full of possibility!

Mattingly Edge and Edge Employment are excited to introduce Life Launch, a one day a week after school program designed to support disabled high school students and their families plan for life post-graduation. Life Launch employs a dual approach to post-graduation preparedness, hosting workshops for families and offering students one-on-one guidance. The best part? For students with IEPs and/or 504 plans, it's completely free! 

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During the Life Launch program, students will work one-on-one with a Pre-Employment Transition Specialist one day a week, on the following topics:

For Students


Workplace Readiness

Students will obtain resources necessary to all successful employees. Resources such as: a bank account, cell phone, email account, stated ID, etc.


Workplace Exploration

Via job shadowing, business tours, internships, etc., students will have the opportunity to prepare for professional roles.

Post-secondary Education Exploration

Students will have the chance to explore post-secondary education opportunities such as community colleges, universities, trade schools, and apprenticeships. 


Students will learn how to advocate for themselves in the workplace and beyond. We will cover: civil rights, transportation, programs & benefits, independent living, etc.


Parents and guardians will learn valuable information by attending workshops led by subject matter experts. Topics covered include:

For Parents/Guardians


Alternatives to Guardianship

We will discuss a range of less restrictive options available to assist with decision making that provide necessary protections while still honoring autonomy.

Post-secondary Opportunities

We will explore post-secondary education options that can lead to better employment opportunities, and available resources that support success. 


Community Employment

We will discuss the ins and outs of integrated, community employment and the ways for individuals to earn income without jeopardizing their benefits.

Community Housing

We will explore various living arrangements and resources that can support a person to live in a home of their own in ways that are safe and affordable, while at the same time providing the greatest amount of autonomy. 


Social Life Planning

We will explore how individuals can cultivate mutually beneficial relationships and connections that lead to a richer social life and a strong sense of belonging and contribution.


Planning for Paid & Unpaid Supports

We've found that the more robust a person's social life, the less reliant they are on paid supports. In this workshop, we will explore successful strategizes that lead to a more balanced network of paid and unpaid supporters.


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