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The Good Life Series

Mon, Nov 8th 2021 - Thurs, July 7th 2022

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What does a ‘Good Life’ look like for you? How do you find the connections and learn the skills needed to build that “Good Life’? Does it include a home, fulfilling relationships and meaningful work?


Often, the same opportunities are not available to people with disabilities. Instead, they live their lives in a world segregated and less valued than their friends and family. Whether it is societal prejudice, mixed messages from teachers and medical professionals, or lack of education and resources, many disabled people spend their lives living what other people consider ‘Good Enough’ for them.


In this ‘Good Life’ series you will learn how to break out of that cycle—to support your loved ones in building REAL connections and REAL relationships. You will learn how to advocate for more!



Register below for the  8-all sessions or pick individual sessions to attend! Each session will be offered at two different times each month. If for any reason you are unable to attend a session you signed up for, we can provide a recording of the session. 


After you have registered for the event(s) of your choice, you will receive an invoice and a link to submit payment from Michelle Bazeley, our Family Engagement Coordinator.

We want this series to be accessible to everyone and recognize tickets may be cost prohibitive for some. If you need financial assistance, please contact Michelle Bazeley to discuss options.


Full Series

General Admission: $680.00

Mattingly Edge Family Price: Donation-based

Individual Sessions

General Admission: $85/Session

Mattingly Edge Family Price: Donation-based

Note: Some or all of the cost of admission for SCL Waiver recipients may be covered by the Natural Supports Training program. If you or a family member receives supports through the SCL Waiver, please register using the link below.


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SESSION ONE: Imagining Better - A Brighter Future Ahead

Mon, Nov 8th 6 PM - 8 PM / Thurs, Nov 11th 10 AM - Noon

Too often, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live in a parallel universe where being separated from other citizens and grouped together is the norm.  Some refer to this as Special Needs Land.  In this world, expectations for a bright future are very low.  People are terribly lonely.  A burden mentality permeates everyone’s experience.  But we know that this doesn’t have to be the reality!  This session focuses on how people with disabilities and their families can break from these long-held disability traditions and imagine better – much better!  We will explore the positive possibilities that arise when we engage a different mindset. 

SESSION TWO: Discovery – The Path to Person-Centered Possibilities & Supports 

Mon, January 10th, 6 PM – 8 PM or Thur Jan 13, 10 am - noon 

There are many prevalent mindsets and misconceptions about people with disabilities.  ‘They’ are often viewed through a one-dimensional lens, as children who crave one another’s company and enjoy similar interests.  Too often these preconceived ideas prevent us from more deeply exploring the wonderfully unique aspects of who a person is.  Additionally, people’s deficits are often magnified while their talents and assets are overlooked.  This session focuses on a guided discovery process which explores an individual’s unique interests, assets, and conditions for success.  Clarity about this information is critical to imagining positive possibilities and designing person-centered supports.  

SESSION THREE: The Power of Roles – A Robust Alternative to Busy Making

Mon, February 7th 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM / Thur, February 10th, 10:00 AM - Noon 

Many supports for people with disabilities focus on activities – fun and entertaining ways to keep people busy and satisfied.  We refer to this as the ‘caregiving model.’  In this model, people are usually kept safe but the opportunities to learn challenging things, contribute to society, and build a robust social network are limited.  This session focuses on replacing a caregiving mentality with a ‘Good Life’ one that focuses on valued social roles that positively impacts the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families. 

SESSION FOUR: Relying on Typical – Just Like My Sister 

Mon, March 14th 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM / Thur, March 17th, 10:00 AM - Noon 

You don’t have to look far in the experience of people with disabilities to find the word ‘special’ used in some capacity.  This word, which in other contexts might mean extraordinary, is actually code for ‘different’ when used in the disability context.  People are often thought to be different, want something different, need something different than other citizens.  This session focuses on moving from special and different ways to instead relying on a typical way to think about who people are, what they need, and how to provide that. 

SESSION FIVE: Discovery – Genuinely Fulfilling Valued Roles - Image & Competency  

Mon, April 11th 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM / Thur, April 14th, 10:00 AM - Noon 

In order to fulfill valued social roles and therefore have access to the good things in life, one must pay attention to the image and competency requirements of the desired valued role.  Does a person look the part?  Does the person possess the competencies to play the part?  Assisting people to enhance their social status, and therefore their access to the good things in life, requires that we consider ways of enhancing image and competency.  This session focuses on developing a mindset and action plan specific strategies, on an individual level, to enhance image and competency. 

SESSION SIX: Employment First  

Mon, May 9th 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM / Thur, May 12th, 10:00 AM - Noon 

Employment is an expectation for adults in our society.  Employment brings so many life-sustaining benefits to the employee:  improved physical and mental health, relationships with colleagues, opportunity to learn and to prove oneself, enhanced standard of living, purpose, confidence, and more.  People with disabilities are left out of the workforce at an astounding rate.  The problem lies less with the person’s disabling condition and more with the way Employment Providers have gone about supporting people to get and keep good jobs.  This session focuses on understanding why the employment rates for people with disabilities are so low and how we can embrace new ways of supporting people to get good and keep good jobs over the course of their adult life. 

SESSION SEVEN: A Home of One’s Own 

Mon, June 6th 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM / Thur, June 9th, 10:00 AM - Noon 

Many adults with disabilities continue to live with their families until their parents are too aged to provide the support needed.  Then people are often moved into a residential system where they live with either a host family (like foster care) or in an agency’s group home, staffed by 24-hour workers.  By design, these systems rarely offer the benefits many of us experience from living in a home of our own:  dominion, equity, privacy and more.  There are less well-known alternatives.  This session will focus on what it looks like when housing is separated from support takes whereby the person or their family rent or own the home and receive supports from an organization providing individualized services.  Stories, resources, and strategies for a fundamentally different way of life will be reviewed. 

SESSION EIGHT: Building Relationships 

Mon, July 4th 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM / Thur, July 7th, 10:00 AM - Noon 

Relationships are pivotal for our well-being.  Being known and understood by invested others is fundamental to our safety and self-esteem.  Many of us take for granted a robust network of friends, colleagues, and neighbors.  This is often not the case for people with disabilities.  In fact, the number one complaint of people with disabilities is loneliness.  This session focuses on intentional strategies to building a strong and sustaining network of relationships over time. 

Thank you for registering for the "Good Life" series! 

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