Donna is a 57 year old woman who comes from a large and involved family…

She lives in a staffed residence with two other women and spends her days at the Mattingly Center ADT.

Spend any time with Donna and you will quickly learn:

• She loves to play card games
• She is an avid sports fan• She loves to talk about maps and is fascinated with examining them
• She inquires a lot about roadways (specifically on-and-off ramps while riding in the car)
• Donna is one of the most personable individuals anyone is likely to meet

In fact, after Donna meets you she will always, upon seeing you again, ask you how you are doing and how your family members are doing. Donna definitely has a social streak.

Whitney Kays began spending time with Donna to get to know the above things about her in greater detail. Being the social person that Donna is, Whitney could easily see the community of Louisville benefiting from Donna’s presence and caring nature.

Whitney began to think about how services could help Donna build a better social circle for herself…
They played a game of cards so that Whitney could see Donna’s skills pertaining to matching, numbers, colors, addition, rule-following, and conversation. Donna was happy to have someone to play cards with.

Whitney saw more than just a woman who could play cards…
Through their time together, Whitney also discovered that Donna loved walking the Big Four Bridge in Downtown Louisville. Whitney knew other women Donna’s age also enjoyed walking, and often walked in public places together.

When Donna’s Plan of Care meeting happened, Whitney met Donna’s cousin (her guardian) and talked with her and the rest of the people in the room about what Community Access might look like for Donna. Could she join other people her age in playing cards, or possibly walking? Everyone agreed that Donna could benefit from getting out more and from making friends.

Then Whitney discovered the Walking Club at Mall St. Matthews…
She visited the club early one morning to see what it looked like. She paid attention to where the walkers parked, where they put their coats, which way they walked, who with, and for how long. After the groups finished walking, Whitney discovered that many of them gathered in the food court to socialize before going about the rest of their day. One of the walkers

Whitney suggested that Donna register on the Walking Club website so she could get a free pedometer and a t-shirt.

One of the things Whitney learned from Donna’s team of supports was that she likes to have a really good understanding of what is going on before she agrees to take part in any sort of activity. Knowing this, Whitney encouraged Donna’s residence, her family, and her daytime staff to talk with Donna about the possibilities of being part of a Walking Club. It wasn’t enough.

When Whitney registered for the Walking Club, she found the thing that would bring Donna along on the journey of joining others in mall-walking…
The Walking Club sent her MAPS of the Mall of St. Matthews.