Changed Lives

Read about participants who’ve found individual homes, meaningful work, deeper interactions with family and friends and a respectful role in our community.


Donna is a 57 year old woman who comes from a large and involved family…

She lives in a staffed residence with two other women and spends her days at the Mattingly Center ADT.

Spend any time with Donna and you will quickly learn:

• She loves to play card games
• She is an avid sports fan Continue reading “Donna”


Graham graduated from high school…
with a diploma and not just a certificate of completion. Once he graduated, he and his parents began to wonder, “What comes next?”

They asked this question to their network of people, all of whom also had or were family members of those with disabilities.
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Like the story of most other people experiencing disability, Rufus’ focuses on a theme of control…

And this control is almost always external, meaning that others make the decisions for him in virtually every area of his life.

How is it that a man with so many competencies could have lost so much power in his life?

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