Partner & Grow

Do you have a developmental disability and want to grow as a person?

Do you want to develop skills that will stretch your limits, and work toward greater independence?  

At Mattingly Edge, our mission is to partner with citizens with disabilities to experience the good things many of us take for granted:

  • Meaningful relationships with family and friends
  • Good jobs with growth potential
  • A home of our own
  • Control over our life
  • Chance to make a positive difference in the world

Become a Partner and: 

  • Find your ultimate purpose in life
  • Make new friends with similar interests
  • Assume the full rights and responsibilities of adulthood

We believe our work is about designing the support system that fits you. You will even be able to select your own support workers.

We’ll guide you as you navigate the process of qualifying for Medicaid. We’ll help you as you transition from High School or apply for funding through a variety of other programs.

Start on the path to a better life and get involved today by calling (502) 451-6200 or complete the form on our contact page.

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