The Counseling and Civic Engagement Initiative

Mattingly Edge is excited to announce a new expansion of support options. The Counseling and Civic Engagement Initiative, under the leadership of Amanda Stahl, will focus on empowering adults with disabilities to become their best and strongest self through a variety of new supports. Individual and group counseling, behavior supports designed to empower people with more effective insights and strategies, and opportunities to engage in acts of social justice are now available.

Amanda joined the Mattingly Edge team a year and a half ago as Mattingly’s first ever Advocacy Coordinator. Prior to her work at Mattingly, she was a social justice activist for several years. She also has experience in case management and clinical counseling at other non-profits. Amanda has her Bachelor’s in Social Work from Xavier University and her Master’s in the same from University of Louisville. She is extensively qualified for leading this initiative. As a disabled woman herself, she also has the ability to relate with participants on a deep, personal level.

At Mattingly Edge, Amanda founded and has been the facilitator of the participants’ advocacy group that named themselves the Independent Seekers. Since the initial start of this group, it has almost doubled in size, simply by word of mouth. In addition to their weekly group sessions, Amanda has supported members of the group on an individual basis, as needed or desired, with issues of personal concern.

The results have been amazing – participants are
Learning to speak their mind
Developing a more sophisticated understanding of personal relationships
Learning more about adult expectations and responsibilities
Registering to vote and voting,
Imagining more positive futures for themselves,
Becoming stronger emotionally, and more!

Due to the growing interest and the powerful benefits participants are experiencing, we are expanding the ways we can support participants to grow stronger, more resilient, and ultimately become more empowered and successful citizens. Advocacy will be expanded to include contact with both local and state government officials and specific acts of social justice. The addition of individual and group counseling, along with behavior supports designed to empower people with more effective insights and strategies, will useful additions to support options.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more, contact Amanda at

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