Roll ‘N Stroll at Bellarmine

Mattingly Edge Announces Our 2nd Annual Roll ‘N Stroll at Bellarmine University.   At the Edge, we work for and with citizens with disabilities to support them to thrive alongside their neighbors in the real community. Because of this, we are holding the second annual Roll ’N Stroll at Bellarmine University on Saturday, June 17th from 10-11:30am. Download the … Continue reading Roll ‘N Stroll at Bellarmine

Press Release – TAG Fundraiser

Contact: Steven Carr, Director of Development                       For Immediate Release Email:                                            October 4, 2017 Phone number:  502-451-6200 Website: TAG, You’re It!   Tunes, Art and Games at the Tim Faulkner Gallery    Louisville, Ky. – Mattingly Edge, a nonprofit working to empower citizens … Continue reading Press Release – TAG Fundraiser

Micah Fialka-Feldman Article

We know Micah Fialka-Feldman… Some of us get the opportunity to see him every year at the TASH conference! Mr. Fialka-Feldman has quite the roster of impressive accomplishments, including taking part in the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities during the Obama Administration. Here is an article about his experiences in advocacy.

Edge Employment Helps You Find Job Candidates

Edge Employment wants to introduce capable employees (who happen to have a disability) with great Louisville employers who need their contribution to improve business! We want to help Louisville businesses improve productivity and enhance their mission. We know we can do that by carefully matching the skills and interests of potential employees to the specific … Continue reading Edge Employment Helps You Find Job Candidates

The Independent Seekers Advocacy Group

The Independent Seekers Advocacy Group was developed in June of 2015 due to interest from participants at Mattingly. The group started with 10 participants who all applied and were chosen to be members. The focus of the Independent Seekers can be split into two categories. The first is Emotional Development and Regulation, and the second … Continue reading The Independent Seekers Advocacy Group

The Counseling and Civic Engagement Initiative

Mattingly Edge is excited to announce a new expansion of support options. The Counseling and Civic Engagement Initiative, under the leadership of Amanda Stahl, will focus on empowering adults with disabilities to become their best and strongest self through a variety of new supports. Individual and group counseling, behavior supports designed to empower people with … Continue reading The Counseling and Civic Engagement Initiative

Mattingly Edge is now offering Behavioral Supports

Behavioral Supports is a service that helps train and educate the members of participants’ support teams to be effective in their responses to the participants’ needs. The goal of this service is to help the participant and their team members learn how to understand and cope with behaviors and psychological responses. Behavioral Supports aims to … Continue reading Mattingly Edge is now offering Behavioral Supports

Counseling Services at Mattingly

Mattingly Edge is currently looking into beginning counseling services for clients who are interested in or could benefit from this service. The current Medicaid waivers do not cover traditional counseling services for our clients. However, we at Mattingly are now offering counseling for those interested in services covered by private insurance or out-of-pocket funds. We … Continue reading Counseling Services at Mattingly