Bond with a person whose life is constrained by isolation.

At the center of our new mission at Mattingly Edge are personal relationships. 

It’s hard for most of us to even imagine what it would be like to only have people in our lives that are paid to be there.   Having people who enjoy our company, appreciate our contributions, and ‘have our backs’ makes life good for all of us.

However, because many people have spent much of their lives in programs that separate them from other citizens, they have few meaningful relationships outside of those with individuals who face the same problems of social isolation from the broader community.  This makes people incredibly vulnerable.

At Mattingly Edge, we would love to introduce you to someone whose life would be made better by knowing someone who wants to make a real difference.  We’re certain a satisfying and mutual new relationship is waiting for you!

At the center of our new mission at Mattingly Edge are personal relationships that connect our participants with others in the Louisville area. Having a friend and advocate can make all the difference for an individual who is seeking to discover their interests and build a life in real community.

As an ally, there are numerous ways you can become involved with a person we support. Attend farmers markets, join karaoke nights, go out for meals, take walks and participate in other social pastime. We take pride in introducing people to one another in such a way that both partners benefit.

Contact us to find out how you can get involved (502-451-6200).