Studies and experience show that isolation is a reality for almost all adults with a disability.

Group living and group programs keep people on the outside of community and overly dependent on others to determine the direction of their lives.

At The Edge, we’re proud to say “no” to isolation and “yes” to “the good things in life”. Our mission is to partner with citizens with disabilities to experience what many of us take for granted:

  • Meaningful relationships with family and friends
  • Good jobs with growth potential
  • A home of our own
  • Control over our life
  • Chance to make a positive difference in the world

With Each Participant We:

  • Discover what is uniquely great about them
  • Explore and expand upon their interests
  • Pinpoint conditions likely to result in personal success
  • Vision and plan for a typical, desirable lifestyle
  • Develop personalized supports that help realize their new lifestyle

We then help each person find community experiences that will hit the “sweet spot” of these assets, interests and conditions and that will expand opportunities in five key areas of human experience (see sidebar, on right).

Along the way, we coach men and women on the ways they can improve their odds of having good community experiences. They make the decisions. Mattingly is a resource, but we’re not in control. After all, it’s their life!